My Story


Pain seems to have become a standard part of our lives. Nowadays, it is rare to find anyone who is not injured, hurting, stiff, tense, or sore in some part of their body. Many people have also been taught to accept that pain and injury is a part of the work they do, the sport they play, and the life they live. Many older adults contribute these problems as a part the aging process, however, that is not the true cause since there are growing numbers of young adults and teens now with the exact same problems.

But living with pain doesn't have to be. You can live a pain free life regardless of your age, occupation, or activities you participate in. You can achieve this without surgery, drugs, manipulation, or artificial aids. You can do it without needing dependency on someone else. You can get to the core cause of your problem and stop chasing never ending symptoms.

How is this possible? Read on as you have now taken the first and biggest step to eliminating your chronic pain.

The Cause of Your Pain

Your body has an original functional design/blueprint. When in this state of "perfect posture", your body is naturally and totally pain free. Besides those with a congenital defect, you were born with this perfect design. However, as time passed, certain activities, environmental factors, and lifestyle changes begin to slowly alter and reshape your body. Remember, it is not the aging process itself that causes your body's design to change! Eventually, you deviate so far from your original perfect posture that your body begins to use pain to tell you that something is very wrong!

The Solution

The human body has an incredible ability to heal itself. All it needs is some guidance to direct it back to its original functional design/blueprint. Muscle Balance and Function DevelopmentŪ posture alignment therapy restores this original design through a personalized program of properly sequenced corrective exercises. If movements moved your body out of its original design, then it should make sense that movement can move it back. When your entire body gets closer to returning to is original and intended design, pain is reduced or eliminated. This is something that surgery, drugs, manipulation, and artificial aids simply cannot do and that is why so many people continue to live with chronic pain even after seeking help from those methods alone.