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Acute Injuries

Acute injury or trauma occasionally happens to everyone in life, especially when participating in sports. The simple fact is that accidents happen. When acute injuries happen, it is crucial to deal with them immediately and properly not only to speed up the healing process and decrease pain, but especially so they do not end up becoming or creating chronic problems.

It is extremely important to remember the information presented in the previous articles that discuss how nothing in the body happens in isolation. When you get an injury, it has a negative effect on your entire body, not just the exact spot where the injury occurred. Think of an acute injury like a nuclear bomb. When the bomb explodes, it has a devastating effect at “ground zero”. However, the destruction is not isolated only to “ground zero”. The explosion of the nuclear bomb also has tremendous negative effects on all the surrounding areas.

If you think about some of the most common injuries (strains, sprains, breaks, fractures, dislocations), you may notice that they are simply forceful and traumatic misalignments of specific body parts. But as soon as one part of the body becomes forcefully misaligned, it misaligns the rest of the body. For most people, pain relief, normal function, and healing come very slowly or acute injuries become chronic problems. This is because diagnosis often never goes beyond “torn or not torn”, “broken or not broken”, “sprained or not sprained”, etc… and treatment does not go beyond the localized area that suffered the initial trauma.

So when you suffer an injury, regardless of the specific location, you must realize that your entire body has also become injured. Once an injury in occurs in an area, no matter how great or small, it causes a biomechanical deficiency in your entire body and it can be seen by a MBF® practitioner through a person’s posture. Basically, the alignment of your posture changes and becomes less stable. The instability in your entire body is what increases the inability of injured body part to function. In turn, these changes instantly amplify and/or add to the symptoms you feel as a result of the injury. The extent of this negative postural change depends 3 general factors.

  1. The severity of the injury. It should make sense that the greater the injury, the greater the effect on the rest of the body. For example, a joint dislocation or spiral fracture of a bone will have a far greater effect than a light sprain.
  2. Distance from the core. The closer the injury is to a person’s core, the greater the effect on the entire body. For example, injuring your hip joint or spine is going to have a far greater effect than injuring a finger or toe joint.
  3. Load joint vs. non-load joint. A person’s 8 load joints consist of the 2 ankle joints, 2 knee joints, 2 hip joints, and 2 shoulder joints. So given the exact same severity and type of injury,injury to a load joint will have a greater negative effect than a non-load joint. For example, spraining an ankle will have a greater effect than spraining a wrist.

Following an injury or trauma, two things generally begin to happen- you being to feel pain and experience swelling. Pain and swelling are uncomfortable and most people will often use ice, heat, or medication to decrease this discomfort. However, it is important to remember that pain and swelling are natural occurrences in your body and there is a reason for them.

Even though you may feel the pain in the exact spot where the injury occurred, remember that the pain reflects the total cumulative damage that has been done to your entire body. Pain is not only a signal that something is very wrong, but it also forces you to stop causing further damage. Swelling occurs to bring more blood and oxygen to the area in order to facilitate the healing processes. In addition, an increased amount of fluid also serves to protect the area due to the lack of biomechanical stability. Understandably, swelling does increase pain due to the increase of pressure in the injured area.

It must be understood that pain and swelling, despite the discomfort, are something that should be happening. Therefore, does ice, heat, anti-inflammatories, or pain-killers significantly speed up the actual healing process? No. In many instances, especially in sports, attempts to artificially decrease pain and swelling slow down the healing process because they numb people and allows them to continue to do things their bodies normally would not be able or want to do, thus causing further damage.

By immediately addressing the postural changes and misalignments that result from injury, use of the MBF® system can dramatically decrease pain and swelling, in addition to speeding up the healing process. Remember that the total amount of pain felt, even if it is localized in one area, is a symptom of the total body damage. So, the less that is wrong with your body, he less pain you will feel. Pain can be relieved because using MBF® increases biomechanical stability and alignment in injured area and the rest of the body. That means a portion of the total body damage can be repaired right away. In addition, once stability and alignment is improved, the body no longer has a need to use excessive swelling as a means to protect the injured area due to the fact that biomechanical deficiencies have been decreased. Since pressure is relieved from the decreased swelling, pain is decreased even further. Ultimately, all of this immediately enhances the ability of the specific injured body part to function closer to normal.

Once stability and alignment is restored, it is much easier for the body to continue healing itself as there are fewer forces working against or preventing the healing process. In many instances, use of MBF® alone can help most people fully recover from their injuries. In other instances, certain extremely severe injuries may require standard medical treatment such as surgery, but even then the body does need a certain amount of time to completely heal certain things on its own. Therefore, the cooperative use of the MBF® system in those situations puts the body in an optimal condition in order to allow this to happen as quickly as possible