My Story


Can the MBF® system actually turn back the clock and make you younger? Of course not.

When most people hear the term "anti-aging", they immediately think of it from a cosmetic standpoint. When I talk about “anti-aging”, I am talking about from a functional standpoint. Too many people believe that pain and a lessened ability to function is a natural part of aging. This is terrible misconception.

When he was in his late 30’s, John Lopez injured his knees and had arthoscopic surgery on both knees. Despite, or maybe as a result of, the surgery, John began to have chronic knee pain. He felt incredible pain in his knees when he walked on the golf course and was no longer able to do something as simple as hop on one leg.

John was 58 when he began to use MBF® posture therapy. Like many people, he had accepted this pain and inability to function as part of getting older. In fact, he began MBF® for neck pain he had and never thought there was much hope for his knees. To make a long story short, by his fourth program, he no longer had chronic pain in his knees and was able to hop on one leg. This was something that he said he not done in over 20 years. This is a true story and John is a real person because he is actually my father-in-law.

For John, MBF® posture therapy brought his knees back to a functional level equivalent to the time before he had the arthoscopic surgery. Now, at 58, he has the functional ability in his knees that he had when he was in his 30’s. That is the “anti-aging” capability of the MBF® system.