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The Connection with  Fatigue, Weight Loss, and Illness

Having bad posture places stress on your body. Movements as simple as standing or walking require much more effort. Let me draw an analogy--when you have a car with tires that are not balanced, are low on air, and have bad alignment, the car becomes less fuel efficient. That car burns more gas and the engine has to work harder because it takes more effort to move a car with all those problems. Bad posture affects your body in a similar manner.

With that in mind, lets first look at people who constantly seem fatigued and tired. Obviously there are other factors to consider such as nutrition, exercise habits, etc…, however, if you look at their postural dysfunctions, you can probably see why some people tire so easily just doing their normal daily routines. Their bodies are so inefficient that normal movement becomes exhausting. Then if the person is overweight, that increases the fatigue because that inefficient body must now move a greater amount of weight.

It becomes a vicious cycle because this person who is constantly fatigued will develop a lifestyle of less movement. Less movement not only make that person even more out of shape and increases weight gain, but also increases their postural dysfunctions which results in even less movement. MBF® posture therapy can be the first step in breaking this cycle as correcting postural dysfunctions allows the body to move more efficiently. In addition, it begins to put movement into a lifestyle that was probably too sedentary.

Increased movement is one factor in successfully losing weight. MBF® posture therapy can further help facilitate weight loss by increasing basal metabolism. Muscular imbalances are a result of certain muscle groups not working properly and being inactive. By getting more muscle groups to become active, it increases your basal metabolism. This means you burn more calories even during complete rest. Personal trainers always include weight training as part of a successful weight loss program because of this exact reason. But rather than adding more muscle, MBF® kicks in the muscles that you already have, but were not using. This can be extremely beneficial because you use your postural muscles all the time.

Along those same lines, lets look at the benefit of MBF® posture therapy when it comes to illness. Having an illness, such as a cold or the flu, places a lot of stress on the body. In addition, muscle aches are a common symptom of illness. As mentioned before, having bad posture places stress on the body. Aches from illness can lead to even more muscular imbalances, which further stresses the body. By correcting postural dysfunctions and muscular imbalances, some of the stresses on the body can be removed. This now allows your body to focus more energy on fighting the illness.

Sleep tends to be the best when it comes to recovering from illness. Being asleep definitely allows the body to focus all its energy on fighting the illness. However, I’m sure that we all have experienced the inability to sleep and relax when ill. That is why many people will take “night time” medications that will induce drowsiness. Anyone who has completed an MBF® program will tell you that their body feels very relaxed immediately afterwards. This relaxed feeling is the removal of stress and tension and is extremely valuable to someone who is ill because it often allows them to sleep.

Some people become skeptical when certain methods of health care seem like a “cure all”. At an initial glance, there seems to be no connection with something like back pain and fatigue. MBF® posture therapy is not a cure all, but plays a large part in many aspects of health simply because your posture determines the position of your digestive, circulatory, muscular, skeleton, respiratory, and nervous systems. These systems are all interconnected and position is one of many key factors in the proper and efficient functioning of these systems.