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Finding the True Cause of Your Problems

One of the major differences between MBF® posture therapy and other methods of healthcare (especially standard medical practice) is that MBF® therapists look at the entire body rather than just the area where the symptom is showing. By looking at the body as a whole, this often allows the MBF® therapist to find the true cause of a problem.

For example, let’s say a person has a bulging disc at the base of the neck that is putting pressure on a nerve and resulting in severe pain in the neck and numbness down the arm. Most healthcare practitioners would look at the situation and say that the cause of the pain was the bulging disc. Actually the cause is not the bulging disc itself. The true cause is the situation that caused the bulging disc and that is where the MBF® therapist looks at the person’s entire postural situation.

In the scenario of a bulging disc mentioned above, surgery may not be necessary and physical therapy is frequently recommended. The physical therapist may see that the person’s head and neck are extremely slopped forward thus placing stress in the area of the bulging disc. Neck exercises would be given in an attempt to change the position of the head and neck (get it to move back and reduce the forward slope) in order to relieve the stress on the neck. The bulging disc is in the neck and the pain is in the neck, so the doctor and physical therapists treat the neck.

The problem is that the neck will never change position no matter how many millions of repetitions the neck exercises are done. Why? Because the positioning of the head and neck is determined by the positioning of the hips and shoulders. So without changing the position of the hips and shoulders first, the head will stay in the same position.

Rather than a bulging disc, let say the person has a ruptured disc and needs surgery. After surgery, many people feel a reoccurrence of the pain years later. The reason is that surgery attempt to repair the area of the damaged disc, however--and once again--what caused the disc problem in the first place was never remedied.

Treating the area of their pain is what most people expect and what most other modalities do. However, only treating the area of pain is simply chasing the symptom and when the root cause of the pain is not eliminated, you will be chasing symptoms forever. Some people find it odd when an MBF® therapist has a person do exercises on parts of the body that seem to be the farthest thing from the area of pain. That is because it is very important to know and remember that when it comes to chronic pain, the exact location of the pain is rarely the source of the problem!