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The articles presented on this site are intended to provide information on the approach of the Muscle Balance and Function Development® (MBF®) posture therapy system. These articles are not intended to get into the details of physics and biomechanics behind the system nor be filled with tons of big scientific words that most people don’t understand just to sound impressive. Doing either would not only be very boring, but it would not address the most important issue, which would be what MBF® can do for you. The goal is to explain the ideas and concepts of the system in a way that hopefully everyone can understand and help you decide whether MBF® is right for you.

Most people turn to MBF® as an absolute last resort when it comes to the problems with their bodies. Consequently, these articles are not aimed to say that MBF® is correct and other methods are incorrect, but instead address those people who are looking at this as a last resort and explain why MBF® may possibly be able to help when other methods may not have worked or had limited success.

For some, the ideas presented may drastically differ from what you have been taught or heard all your life in regards to your body, health, and activities. Understandably, some people will accept this information and some will not. There will be those who will feel they have found exactly what they had been looking for. There will be those who will have more questions and be motivated to seek out answers. There will be those who will immediately disregard everything because it does not coincide with what they know.

Ultimately, the information in these articles is just that- information. It is about letting you know about another option that you may not have considered. What you choose to do with it is up to you.