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mbf- Why It Works

MBF® posture therapy is a precise scientific system. The reason why this system is so effective is because it works on two levels- muscular and neurological. In order to make permanent improvement to your body changes must be made on both levels, especially on the neurological level. Essentially, MBF® is about neuromuscular re-education.

Work on the muscular level is the most obvious to the majority of people because they can feel it. Postural misalignment that eventually leads to injury and pain is a result of muscular imbalances in the body. Some muscles become overused while others suffer under-use. The exercises are designed to restore the proper balance and people can feel the obvious effect the exercises have on their muscles. In order to re-balance the muscles, very specific muscles must be stimulated from very specific angles and positions, in addition to precise sequencing. This means that an incorrect choice of exercise and/or incorrect sequence will not lead to little or no postural change which also means there will be little or no change in a person’s symptoms. In fact, incorrect choice of exercise or sequencing can possibly cause injury!

Your posture is controlled by your neurology. Your brain has a memory or imprint of your current posture and it is something in which you cannot change by “just thinking about having better posture”. Just like your breathing and heartbeat, the alignment of your posture is controlled involuntarily. MBF® posture therapy is able to provide lasting change to a person’s body because it is changing and establishing the proper connections between your muscles and brain through the exercise and sequencing. This activation is achieved by the work of the muscles and cannot be achieved by having someone else move your body for you. However, just establishing the connection is not enough. It is imperative to cement these connections in and erase the memory of the old bad posture. This is done not only through the exercises, but also by the precise number of sets, repetitions, amount of time resting between sets, the number of times the program is done each day and week, and timing of program updates.

The reason why various forms of “hands-on bodywork” can only provide temporary relief is because it does not make the permanent change in the neurology. Without the change in your neurology, there cannot be a lasting biomechanical change in the body. Whatever changes were made by the “hands-on bodywork” will often be undone because the body will automatically return to the position that is imprinted in the brain and it is simply not possible for most people to have hands-on bodywork done on them 7 days a week. Temporary relief is better than no relief, but the goal of MBF® to deliver long term lasting results.