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Not a Quick Fix - Part 2

As mentioned in other articles, the MBF® system is not a quick fix. Yes, you may feel results right away and our goal is to get you out of pain as quickly as possible. The length of time it takes to be free of symptoms varies depending on the individual and the severity of their problems, and the amount of time those problems have been ingrained in their body.

The goal of MBF® posture therapy is not only to get you out of pain, but also to make a permanent change and restore the body to a level that is highly resistant to injury and the causes of chronic pain. Therefore, the process does not stop immediately after the pain is gone. To do so would have your body only be one step away from being in pain. Stopping before the completion of this process is practically guaranteeing that the pain will eventually return. That is why many quick fixes for chronic pain seem to require you to continuously return for more for the rest of your life. It may be quick in the short run, but it is far from being quick to resolve your problems if you look at it over an extended period of time.

As much as we all think we would like our bodies to change back to its pain free functional design overnight, our bodies are saying something very different. From a physical and mental point of view, our bodies cannot handle extreme change too quickly. Let me give a couple examples of this idea, not necessarily with posture, but other things that we can all relate to.

Let’s say that you are not very flexible and would like to improve your flexibility. As much as you would like to become flexible as quickly as possible, you are not going to put your foot behind your head the first day. Your body simply would not allow that even though it does have the capability to become more flexible. In fact, if you stretched and pushed your flexibility to its limit, you would feel you’re your muscles begin to spasm and a good amount of pain. That spasm is your muscle fighting against this extreme change and trying to get you to stop. It makes sense that if you wanted to increase your flexibility, you would need to gradually stretch on a regular basis and then, over time, your body would accept the change.

Many teenagers go through rapid growth spurts as they go through puberty. We commonly see teens that grow very quickly go through an awkward and clumsy stage. This happens due to the fact that the brain has not completely adapted to this “new” body that it is attempting to control. If this rapid growth in teens occurs over months and years and it has such an effect on their brain’s ability to control their bodies, imagine what would happen if we grew 4 inches in 1 hour.

The alignment of your posture has been ingrained in your mind and body for decades. Similar to the examples I mentioned above, your body does not want and cannot handle an extreme change in its alignment too quickly. Changing your postural alignment is completely changing the body you were once familiar with. As soon as you begin an MBF® program, you are no longer using the same body you had before.

As much as an MBF® practitioner would like to like to transform your body and resolve all your issues instantly, we can only work as quickly as your mind and body will allow. That is why we say that this is a process that takes time. Though we live in an impatient world were we want everything our way right away, attempts to force change in the body faster than it is willing and able to go will result in serious negative effects.