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What Makes mbf Different?

With numerous different medical services, exercise systems, and health programs out there, many people wonder how MBF® is different. Rather than getting into the endless specifics of every other method (and because there are numerous methods that I have probably never heard of), let me discuss some general concepts behind MBF® and then you can compare that with methods you may be familiar with. With this information, you can decide if MBF® posture therapy is right for you.

MBF® posture therapy requires your active participation. As a client, you play more of a part in healing your body than the MBF® therapist. The MBF® therapist provides you with the tools and it is your job to use them everyday. Everything is based off of this first and main difference.

MBF® seeks to address the core cause of your problems by restoring your body as a whole. Your symptoms give us an idea of what you are capable or not capable of doing. It is also one way to measure progress. The MBF® system’s approach to repairing your body is not based upon your symptoms.

It is not a quick fix. Making changes and restoring your body, as a whole, is a process. Quickly fixes can only provide temporary results because your body dictates the pace in which it will accept permanent change and we can only go as quickly as your body will allow. It took a while for your body to change, so it will take a little time to change it back.

MBF® is a 100% “hands off” exercise system. This means that the therapist does not physically touch, manipulate, or massage you in the application of this therapy. As mentioned earlier, that is why this requires your active participation. The advantage is that what is done during a session with an MBF® therapist can be replicated exactly and repeatedly on your own. If you think about various “hands on” methods, it is simply impossible to reproduce the same effect on yourself without the expert practitioner.

The ultimate goal of MBF® is to get your body to a point in which you no longer need MBF®. It is not designed for you to use forever. MBF® therapists do not want to you to keep coming back every few weeks for the rest of your life. It is designed for assistance, not dependency. MBF® is intended to bring your body back to a high level of functionality and give it the ability to keep itself there. However, you must also keep mind that in order to be able to maintain the ability to no longer need MBF®, you must also rid or dramatically decrease the things in your lifestyle that originally caused your problems.

Seeing is believing. Upon completing an MBF® program, there is absolutely no doubt that there has been a positive effect on your body. It cannot be argued that the results are psychosomatic as MBF® immediately produces a visible mechanical change in your body. If you look pictures of yourself before and after, you would see an undeniable physical difference.

Ultimately, the biggest difference is the integrity when it comes to delivering results. If you follow all your MBF® programs exactly as recommended and it doesn’t work, you get a full refund on your money. I believe this is only right. If you look an active roll, followed all the directions and recommendations and it didn’t work, what the heck did you pay for? Personally, I have never heard of anyone in the medical and health care industry offer this kind of guarantee though I believe it should be standard. This guarantee exemplifies the effectiveness and high standard that embodies MBF®.