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The Seated Worker

Neck pain. Shoulder Pain. Back Pain. Wrist Pain. These symptoms have practically become the standard for the seated worker. Find someone who works a desk job, sits in front of a computer all day, or drives a vehicle for living and you will find someone with one or more of those symptoms. Of all the positions you body can be in, seated is one of the worst. 8 – 12 hours of sitting in a slouched position will inevitably reshape your body. In addition, children, teens, and young adults are now experiencing the same problems experienced by the seated worker due to increasing amount of scholastic studying, computer work, video games, and television viewing.

The Active Worker

Though being on your feet and moving around is better for your body than sitting all day, the active worker is not immune to problems. Low back, knee, shoulder, and foot pain are just a few of the common symptoms of those occupations. While the seated worker’s body was altered by long periods in a static position, repetitive motions often alter the active worker’s body. In addition, problems are often enhanced by the uniform or tools of the trade required for the job. Pain or injury is extremely detrimental to the active worker due to the fact that the job itself requires high physical demand.

How mbf Posture Therapy Can Help

Pain and injury at work not only make it difficult for you to do your job, but will ultimately cost your employer, decrease performance and productivity, and increase the burden on co-workers. You must work for a living, but unfortunately, your job is also the direct cause of your pain. MBF® Posture Alignment Therapy can make all of those problems a thing of the past. A personalized program can be designed to not only bring your out of pain, but to also prevent any potential problems in the future by counteracting the negative effects your job places on your body every day.