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another HUGE MBF success story...

PostPosted: Thu Mar 20, 2008 7:57 pm
by Radek Sefcik
All right. Here it is. During rolling 8 weeks ago I injured my neck. Well, I thought nothing serious, I went through many injuries in past and this one looks pretty easy. Boy, I was wrong . Well, during couple of days, it went downward. Pain was terrible and I lost significant right arm strength/almost 80%/. There were also numbness and tingling from my right thumb alongside my right forearm, biceps , triceps and shoulder .
I immediately visited neurologist and he said it has to do with my C5/C6 disk in my neck spine which put pressure on nerve there . Most probably it may be disc herniation ! I was scheduled to get MRI within 14 days, had to take some pain killers, relaxants ,....and another drugs.

Of course at the same time, I immediately contacted my BJJ coach and MBF postural expert M. Jen in order to help me out. It was really serious situation and I had to act very fast. Geoff Gluckman /MBF founder / jumped in immediately and based on my scan pics , personal feeling,..etc. - created first aid menu for me. It kicked in right away. Pain relief was almost gone after just 3-4 days on postural menus ONLY!!!!! No pain killers or another shitty drugs! With drugs I really would have very difficult time to feel my body during exercises and get correct feedback if MBF stuff /menu /is correctly designed /too strong or too weak/ or need further modifications. In mean time, I got MRI scans too.

After 3,5 weeks after injury I had another appointment with my neuro dude! When he saw my MRI scans he said it is very serious situation and most probably I will need neck surgery/cervical diskectomy or fusion/ On scans, disc was pretty herniated. But not ruptured!

I said him, that my situation has drastically improved during last 2 weeks! He said really?? And I went through many strength, reflex and flexibility tests with him . He was literally shocked , when he saw my current status after such short time:)

Base on my improvement and physical situation he quickly changes his mind and said that I will need no surgical treatment ! Well , it is really like "long distance" run, and most probably it will take from 6-8 months in order to heal it – he said me!!!!. And nobody will guarantee you that it will work this way - he also added. But if it will get worse , we need to act quickly and set up neck fusion asap!

Well, at that time I also sent my MRI scans to Geoff and when he saw that he just laughed and said with just MBF I will be fine!!!!! He with Mike explained me that some muscle imbalances in my body caused certain unusual forces/pressure to placed on my disc which caused it to bulge out. It stays bulging out because those forces still exist. However, once the imbalances are decreased or removed, the forces are no longer there and the disc returns to it's normal position. Muscles were main reason for my dics herniation and muscles pull it back too! It is totally out of my neuro dude world I would say- unfortunately

4 weeks after serious disc herniation I was improving every day. The progress was brutal. Numbness was gone!! Just very slight tingling and that's it. My strength has been improving as well. I supposed I will need to stay out of impact activities like/ clinch, take downs, CM boxing ,...etc /for at least couple of months/ but I supposed as for isolating my BJJ game /with certain positions/ I will be fine within couple of weeks.

Now, today its 8 weeks after my serious c5/6 neck injury. I once again visited my neuro dude just today. Well, he was totaly shocked. Through his reflexes and strength tests....I am almost completely /99%/ recovered! So my today neuro visit was last visit and neuro dude just shake his head in disbelief how its possible:) From his experience, he never ever experienced such ultra fast progress :)

So my huge improvement and success is clearly based on MBF postural menus .I need to update it very frequently/every 7 days/ + work on menu 3 times a day/which in my situation means 1,5-2 hours daily specific exercising . After every 7 days my MBF menu programme lost its effectiveness and I am ready for new stuff. It really plays huge role as for recovering from acute injuries. My neck flexibility is 100% back in normal and I am totaly fine....I would say better then before injury. I just need to get cardio back :lol: in normal


Re: another HUGE MBF success story...

PostPosted: Wed Mar 26, 2008 5:20 pm
by veena kudhail
Great story! Now Radek you need to come on board and become a practioner of MBF.

Re: another HUGE MBF success story...

PostPosted: Thu Jul 03, 2008 8:06 am
by Michael Jen
In late May, I visit Radek in Slovakia. While I was there, he told me that he saw the neurosurgeon a little while ago. He said the neurosurgeon examined him, did some tests, and said that Radek was completely "cured". The doctor said that there was no reason for any other visits. Keep in mind that Radek was given the diagnosis of a couple disc protrusions/bulges, spinal stenosis, and mild scoliosis in his neck and was told that the solution was to put a titanium disc in his neck. The doctor told Radek that what he accomplished in a few months would usually take most people years. Interestingly, the doctor asked Radek a lot of questions about MBF.

Radek's wife is also a doctor and was initially skeptical about MBF because it contradicted a lot of what she was taught as a doctor. After seeing first hand what happened to Radek and his recovery, she is now a firm believer.

By the way, Radek is not only back doing his martial arts training, but he also now built his body back to do doing MBF upper and lower body strength programs.

Re: another HUGE MBF success story...

PostPosted: Tue Jul 08, 2008 11:33 am
by Radek Sefcik
Yes, I have already jumped in to MBF stuff. SIgned exclusive license agreement with Geoff and starting to build bussiness here in Slovakia as well as in Czech Republic :) Check out my new web page: