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A 77 year old lady and quality of life

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A 77 year old lady and quality of life

Postby Pamelaann on Wed Sep 12, 2007 5:00 pm

I just had to share this

I have had truly amazing results in just one 15-20min session with a 77-year-old Lady who is quite posturally dysfunctional.

Norm in the past y this lady has been very active and like always and about doing things, during the past six months, after having been quite ill with stomach problems, she has become very depressed and consequently her posture become even worse.
Her posture deviates quite badly from the frontal plane, as she is very forward rounded in the shoulders and her pelvis tilted is Backwards posteriorly.
She has reported having no energy and has been really depressed, so much so that everything recently has been a chore.

After just one run through of her programme which consisted primarily of exercises performed in the Neutral Back position, she completely changed!

When she got up after her programme, she was standing about 3 inches taller, her shoulders had moved quite a long way back out of the forward rounded position, and she could actually move her arms and lift them above her head. and she was moving around the room like she had never done before!
After about 15 minutes and general conversation, she suddenly realised she didn't feel depressed anymore, she suddenly realised she was breathing properly!

Is now she will can have an improved quality of life

Isn't life wonderful.

Isn't MBF truly wonderful!
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Postby Michael Jen on Thu Sep 13, 2007 12:55 am

I had a similar experience with my father who is in his mid-80's. When I visited him in Taiwan last year, I saw that his posture was way worse than when I saw him years ago. He looked very lifeless in his eyes, had pain in his knee and neck, and could not walk stairs unassisted. Within a week, I had walking stairs by himself, his neck and knee pain were minimal, and his eyes looked completely different. I told him about what I saw in his eyes and he said that he felt he could think much clearer. It also fixed a bladder issue he was having.
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